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“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.” 
― Oscar Wilde

I am not good at talking about myself. I always followed my heart and my passion. 

It led me to China where my career as an artist started.

I think I always got it in me but I was far away from home (and all I knew) to finally discover who I truly was and what I always wanted. Breaking it down I love to inspire people and tell stories to touch them. When I studied international politics and worked at the European parliament I realized that this is not the way for me to inspire and change people's hearts. 


I worked and lived in China for 7 years, got cast in TV Series and big Films. The fact that a foreign blond girl speaks fluent Chinese opened many doors not only in acting but got to know this beautiful Chinese culture which I truly admire till today. 

When a well-known agency in London contacted me and signed me I decided it was time to move on, Moving away from China wasn't easy but I wanted to give it a try.

You only regret things if you have not tried them.

I was working and surviving in London for 2 years before Corona came. It forced me to come back to Germany where I am currently at. 

I see it as an opportunity. I see life like this. Everything can be an opportunity to do something creative and experience something you have not experienced before.

Life is a gift and I am happy to live my life as an artist each day calling my self an award winning actress now with my self written short film "Highway"(Landstraße)

Winner of the Berlin Indie Filmfestival (Best Actress in a Short Film)

Winner of the LondonWeb Fest (Best Female performance)

Winner Silk Road Filmfestival Cannes (Best Short Film)

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